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I'm peaches, and my dog's name is Reggie. I like streaming speedruns but I do casual gaming and maybe some IRL stuff too. # Schedule > **I stream most weeknights around 9pm EST** I tried having a set schedule but IRL/work stuff came up often enough that I'd rather not stress out trying to meet it. # Some speedruns I've done in the past: [Kid Chameleon]( [Typing of the Dead]( [Toejam and Earl]( [Blast Corps]( [Quest 64]( [Catechumen]( [Super Mario 64]( # **Discord** [Click here to join!]( I use discord to post stream announcements, chat and share pet pics with my viewers! # **Twitter** [@peaches____](


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Reggie is my adopted German Shepherd best friend. He was picked up as a high risk rescue from a kill shelter in South Central Los Angeles by [Cagefree K9 Camp]( and I took him to his new home on January 27, 2015. They thought he was about 5 when we met. Reggie's favorite toy is a stuffed badger that he carries around the house with him. His hobbies include trying to leap into trees when he sees a squirrel, slamming his butt into me when he wants pets, and giving lots of kisses. He's pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me so you'll be seeing a lot of him on my stream :D


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If you would like to support me and my channel by subscribing, **click the image above**! If you subscribe **I'll also give Reggie a treat on your behalf on-stream** :) you can pick a flavor with your donation or I'll give a random one! # Current Treat Flavors > P-Nuttier > Chick 'n Apples > Pick of the Patch (Pumpkin/Carrot) > P-Nuttier 'n' Nanners > Chicken Pot Pie > Bac 'n' Cheez > Random/Streamer Choice ## emote artists: [Grei]( and [Raespberri]( JAM and RAVE by [Halfpint](