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All proceeds go to ingredients for my special salad, finding new and improved ways on annoying Pat, and toys for Grandpa Elmo and Baby Zangief! Thank you so much, Glucose Guardian!
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When you click this button, you become even BIGGER and STRONGER! Wowie! For transparency: I donate a portion of sub revenue to animal shelters (TBD). Thank you, Glucose Guardian!


Rule #1: Don't be an asshole to each other, the streamer(s), or yourself in general. Rule #2: No outright insults (ex: "x is a bitch," etc. Teasing and funny shit talk is always highly encouraged, but being a dick isn't. See Rule #1. Rule #3: Respect the Mods. They're good guys. Rule #4: No spoiling (unless asked for). Rule #5: No backseating (unless asked for.. which may be often). Rule #6: Don't disrespect Elmo or Zangief for their breed or generally. No seriously, I would drown all of you if they told me to. However, if they're being too noisy during a visit, please let us know kindly. NOTE: If you were banned and you feel it's a mistake, you can take this up with myself or a Mod, but please be polite.


I'm completely clueless when it comes to this shit, so let's face it: this stream would be not be possible if it weren't for these folks right here - - Corn_On_Fire - Offline Photo - RileySerenity - Avatar & Elmo Alert - Volta_Bass - Intro / BRB Animations - F1NG3RS - Music for BRB Screen - UmbyPokoChan - RWH Intro/Elmo Outro - CreepyPorpoise - Banner & Panel Images - StridentSong - Advice & Council - Noxus - Stream Layouts - Joeschmo & Medo3G - Reddit - My Mods - Fanfiction technicians - PatStaresAt - for being my ~fiancé~ If I am featuring work you created here on Twitch and you are not credited, please let me know. Sometimes I forget, but I always want to make sure you are included. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much to these fine folks who took the time out of their day to help a silly little goofball like me become 2D - - Creator/Rigging: @WFN_Art aka WhisperingForNothing - Book art: @Uyuu (Alltiett Studios) - Page-turn rigging: @Ruu (Alltiett Studios) - Background art: @Omorphia (Alltiett Studios) - Background music: @IsaakWolf (Alltiett Studios) - Additional background art placement: @JustinianKnight Also! If you would like to check out Alltiettt Studios for all your design needs, check out their website: And if you use code 'mustardqueen' you'll get a discount which also helps me! Hooray!