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A side character found in the tall grasses of Asia. Casual Pokémon & Monster Hunter Player. Freelance Artist. Burber and Grilled Meat consumer. Just here to vibe and have a good time. ✨

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Hi, Peanut here! I'm a freelance artist and I enjoy playing a variety of games ranging from Minecraft to Dark Souls. Fan of both Digimon and Pokemon franchise. <3 Favorite Pokemon is Umbreon and Favorite Digimon is Gabumon. Eats too much *PORK.* *Ps. I love rice. ( ‘ω’)* **Pronouns** : She/Her **Schedule** : Sporadic and chaotic. (T⌓T)

# 🍖🍔 RULES 🍔🍖

🥓 Please be nice to everyone! No spamming or trolling. 🥓 **No excessive Trauma/info dumping.** - Talking about your day is all right and I have no problem listening at all, but **I am no therapist and would encourage you to seek professional help if needed**. I care you <3 🥓 **No RP-ing or flirting!** Wholesome comments are accepted! 🥓 **Do not ask for or share personal info.** Respect everyone's privacy. 🥓 Please **do not ask** for art requests (Unless if I open requests) 🥓 **No excessive profanity or slurs** (e.g. targeting race, gender, sexuality, etc). 🥓 **No back seating/spoilers** (unless asked, please and thank you!) 🥓 **No linking without permission** (Clipped videos are okay!)
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Donations aren't necessary, but if you'd like to show your support, they are always welcome and would mean a lot to me! 。゚(TヮT) # Donations are non-refundable. **Please make sure you think it through before going through with a donation, m(_ _)m** if you do decide to tip, please make sure you're not putting yourself in a tough spot! Please? (;﹏;) # ☆ **I am forever grateful(;へ:)** ☆ [FAQ]( ☆ [Specs]( ☆ [Stream Commands]( ☆ [Credits]( ☆ [Milestones]( ☆ [Wall of Gratitude]( # 🍖 SOCIALS 🍖 ☆ [BlueSky]( ☆ [FurAffinity]( ☆ [Instagram]( ☆ [Twitter](