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Pegbarians consists of Florian Walraven, Thijs Koole and Martijn Calkhoven. Together, we make animations for the internet. You're welcome, internet!

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We are Thijs Koole, Florian Walraven and Martijn Calkhoven. We make animated videos, most of which can be found on the internet! We'll be streaming adventures, animation production, doodles and whatever else we feeling like sharing! You can find us on: **[YouTube]( | [Twitter]( | [Facebook]( | [Tumblr]( | [Newgrounds](**
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1. Treat each other with respect. 2. Don't spam. 3. Don't advertise or beg. 4. Don't abuse the song requester. 5. Don't blink. We haven't spent all this time setting up this Twitch thing for you to waste **milliseconds** not watching us!
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Donations are optional, but very much appreciated! Don't forget to leave a message in the lower box, which gets read out on the stream by Lynda, our robotic secretary! To donate, click [HERE](!