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Live sketching with Peter Han. New stream every mon and thurs at 8pm pacific time, or unless announced differently on my instagram~ peterhanstyle.


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Live sketching with Peter Han. New stream every mondays at 8pm pacific time and thursdays at 11am , or unless announced differently on my instagram~ peterhanstyle.


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Basic answers to questions I often get. "What pen are you using?" -Typically I tend to use fountain pens and one or two types of off the shelf pens. The fountain pens I recommend is the Sailor brand for a mid tier quality pen, or the Lamy which is more cost friendly. If cared for these kinds of pens could last a long time. The only pen I buy off the shelf would be the Pigma FB. "When are you live streaming?" -I will be generally on Mon or Thurs at 7pm pacific time. But this is not set in stone. I sometimes do just pop up streams. "Where do you teach?" -I have been a educator in art and design for 10 years. I primarily teach at the Artcenter college of design, Concept design academy, CG master academy and Brainstorm school. "How old are you?" -I am 38 currently. "What ethnicity are you?" -I am Korean american. "What is Dynamic Sketching?" -It is a course that was originally taught by my mentor, Norm Schureman. It entails the method of looking at every day objects and breaking them down to primitives to be able to draw effectively, confidently, and to retain memory of the visual information. "Is it ok to use digital tools to draw?" -Yes. Any tool is a tool to be used to visually communicate something. But I would recommend starting traditional first. "How do you not make mistakes?" -I do make mistakes constantly. I just try to adapt to them by integrating it to the design or sketch as I do it. "So do you never stop and start over?" -I do when I know that the mistake is largely in part of proportion, or if it is something I know through experience I can't use. This still happens to this day. "Do you know exactly what the image looks like before you draw?" -No. I have an idea and I roll with it. I will visualize as much as I can and rely on experience to carry me through. "Is being a artist or designer still a good career choice?" -Yes, if you love to create their is always a potential to find where you can apply it too. "

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