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I stream and do youtube videos on genshin impact:) I also Main in roblox.


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Subscribers! Feel free to use these sound alerts for your viewing pleasure! !fatality !finishhim !gg !ggremix !huh !revel !yay !rip !rip2 !gg2, !gg3 !megaman . For none subs we do have !hype which is a 5 min delay! ^_^ just a little extra!
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So some things i want to be clear. Respect the mods I don't play with players who are mean and rude. NO homophobic BASHING NO DRAMA AND NO RACIAL SLANDER! YOU WILL GET BANNED We arent a family friendly stream, but it doesnt mean swear like a sailor as well, please show respect and keep swears to a minimum, would appreciate it! FINALLY: Be friendly to one another and show respect to other and their opinions and make friends with each other if anything! I en encourage that :)

Youtube channel!

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