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ur obnoxious and kinda chuuni lil sib


hi, pheno (they/he/any) here, broadcasting out of utc-7 or -8 depending on the time of year. i usually stream games and music but on rare occasions i'll go live with other things such as model kit builds or outdoor stuff. nowadays i'm primarily a puyo puyo content creator and tournament commentator (you may have heard me on events such as Rensa Rivals, Combo Breaker 2022, or Sakura Blend!), but i'm probably working through some indie game or longer story-based game at any given point in time. i also like to play guitar and i arrange solo guitar covers for game and anime ost!


## - take off your shoes before coming in ## - don't make a mess ## - don't sit on my bed ## - don't share personal information ## - please laugh at my jokes

neurodiversity + empathy

mental health (mh, not monster hunter) is tremendously important, but i think the role of discourse surrounding neurodiversity in those conversations is severely understated. ## what's neurodiversity? in general terms, every person's brain works a little bit differently, and depending on the degree of difference, an individual might have a harder time dealing with particular aspects of life/functioning in society. these differences are the traits by which you can be considered neurodivergent (nd), aka diverging from a hypothetical neurotypical (nt) brain that enables a person to live a healthy life and fulfill society's expectations without accommodations. for example, folks with an autism diagnosis might have a different response to a situation than an nt person, which may cause confusion or otherwise give the autistic person a less favorable outcome. ## anyways my goal isn't to wear a fedora and psychoanalyze everyone--i just want people to recognize that having quirks, big and small, is totally normal. mh/nd discussion is welcome here, because sharing perspectives is how we get to understand each other's differences and figure out how to help each other along the road to a happy and healthy life. # summary of my neurodivergence - received treatment for anxiety and depression - receiving treatment for adhd symptoms - aphantasia (i just see black when i close my eyes and try to imagine something) - weak visual processing (i'm slow to convert what i see with my eyes to information i can reason about, great for video games, i know) - high physical sensitivity (touch, body awareness, i love exercise and stuff) - high sensitivity for taste and smell (love food, whisky, and coffee, easily tilted by bad smells) - high aural sensitivity (concentration and relaxation are easily disrupted by sounds, to much frustration) - not seeking formal diagnoses right now, i'm fine accepting that i have to navigate real life differently than most people

the money stance (official)

### PLEASE [AD-BLOCK]( THIS STREAM (sorry mobile viewers) if you like the emotes that the incredible [minz]( made for me, subscribers get to use 'em all over twitch and while it is very sweet of you to give me bits or [(non-refundable) tips](, i'm quite certain that your money would be better spent elsewhere!! that being said, my subscribers do get preference for whatever fun things i plan, as a token of my appreciation

puyo coaching

as an experienced analyst, i offer one-on-one puyo puyo coaching sessions for the low low price of free.99, with priority for my subscribers. **i gladly give away this work as a courtesy for the puyo community stopping through here, but tipping is appreciated!** so hop over to the [discord server](, bring your questions, problems, and concerns, and we'll talk it out together. nothing is too abstract, don't sweat details! # neither of us may have the answers on our own, but my aim as a coach is to uncover them alongside you and nurture not only skill development, but also healthy, sustainable perspectives, regardless of your experience with the game

music q&a

# what i love how classical players are able to draw out so many harmonies in rhythm from the guitar and i wish i could do the same # when'd you start guitar summer 2020 # what guitar sx furrian (thinline clone) # what pedals just a boss rc-5 looper # why don't you just learn piano no space