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Thanks for tuning in to the ASIAN PERSUASION. I'm an ok gamer that just enjoys having fun with his friends. You will see some stupid deaths, offensive but hilarious conversations, and probably a lot of drunk gaming(thats when i play best). Sit your ass down, put your feet up, and enjoy .

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Please feel free to donate towards the stream...all donations help this asian persuade more people by getting proper equipment and donating to toerhs

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Want to know the commands...check below..updated constantly

!shots - See a clip of @bg0n3 and play a drinking game to it !cry - See one of my favorite streamers cry like a baby back B****H !followage - see how long you've been following !coffee - one of the scariest moments of my life !jackbox - see the jackbox schedule !uptime - see how long i've been streaming !guts- get up in the GUTS