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I'm Phobaphobia! You can call me 'Phoba' or 'Thea.' I'm a lesbian mom and variety streamer.

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>HI THERE. **I go by Thea, Phoba & Phobia. (she/her)** >»I'm a 90s baby learning how to play on keyboard and mouse on pc after years of console gaming. I started streaming to make friends as a reprieve from being a full time mom. >»The first games I ever streamed was Apex Legends and Realm Royale. I play a lot of Animal Crossing, Pokemon & Apex currently with a healthy dose of random. **Community Rules** *These are rules set up for the channel to give our community a more chill and accepting environment.* >»LGBTQ+ Friendly Community >»Respect Each Other >»Hate Speech and/or Harassment is not allowed. >»Ask **before** posting links. **Growth Goals** >»✔️Affliate: 4/5/2019 >»✔️ First Bits: FamousOnTwitch 4/7/2019 >»✔️ First Subscriber: LegaBone 4/9/2019 >»✔️ First Sub Gifter: LegaBone 4/9/2019 >»✔️ 50 Followers: 4/4/2019 >»✔️ 500 Followers: 2/8/2020 >»✔️ 800 Followers: 4/27/2020 >»❌ 900 Followers: **Emotes** >»My emotes were made by the lovely [Nessa] ( !
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**If you are considering supporting the stream and me, here are a couple options.** **Consider Subscribing** >»Become a member of the Cemetery! **Consider Donating or Cheering** >»Donate [HERE]( >»Cheering is a fun form of donating to the stream through twitch itself. >»Your money is not needed for you to be a part of the community. Come as you are. **Consider Feeding Me** >»[Treat Stream]( is a cool service that allows you send me food when I forget to eat or just because. **Consider Merch** >»*I am currently trying to find a merch option that has a homemade touch to it. Until then, there is only one merch option.* >»Buy Merch from Teespring [HERE]( **Consider Discord** >»Join the [Discord]( and hang out. >»Boost the discord with your discord membership. **Consider just Hanging Out** >»Hang out in chat! I love having people who vibe with the community come in and hang out.