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Junior Game Composer and Sound Designer. Occasional Speedrunner and Doom Mapper. They/She


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I make music for games and also just for fun too! Go check it out if you want to. I'm also on Soundcloud too if you don't want to pay! :D


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morgie_corgi (Mo) - Old Profile Picture [Twitter]( dashiefrickintyan - Emotes and Current Profile Picture [Twitch]( [Twitter]( orinom41 (Orion) - Old Profile Picture and Stream Art [Twitter]( kibibyte_16 (Kane) - 2D Avatar and Discord Server Image [Twitter](


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If you want to support me financially, I'd strongly encourage you to do it through my Ko-Fi page rather than through subbing (although that's also still greatly appreciated). Please do not feel obligated to donate though!

===Stuff I've Done===

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-The Wells of Woe- Intermission Music - Rest, Weary Beast (Shortened) -Junk Food- Map 07: Sundae Bloody Sundae Map 09: Bubblegum Bloodshed Map 26: Black Forest Gateau Map 62: The Only Delivery Place at 4am -PUSS XXIV: Lover's Quarrel- Map 18: Barentain Garden - With Petyan -PUSS XXV: Lunacy- Map 20: One Last Breath in the Dark - With Death Bear -D5DA3- Maps: Map 37: Octagon Infinity Map 38: Meme Machine Map 53: The Fun Machine Took a **** and Died Map 68: Informal As Well As Infernal Map 95: ...And Now for the Whatchamacallit MIDIs for: Map 37 Map 38 Map 53 Map 68 Map 90 Map 95 -10 Line Community Project- (Yet to be released) Map 179: Claustroviolence Twogers (Yet to be released) Fractured Realms of Greyt Substance (F.R.O.G.S) The Old Abhor Dancing Shadows (T.O.A.D.S) -I Can't Give You Anything- Map 34: Eyes Like Crystal Daggers Music for Map 34 -1x1- Map 13: Shadow Puppets Hanging From Red Strings Music for Map 13 -Junk Food 2- Summertime Under a Starburst Sky The Joy of Consumption The Sun Gods of Inmortality (with Dashie and Meowgi) Jukebox (In Development)

=Chat and Request Rules=

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1 - No Politics, this is not the place for it. 2 - No slurs or derogatory jokes 3 - Don't be rude to me or others in chat. I don't mind you poking fun at me if I do something stupid (which happens a lot) but don't be straight-up mean or rude. But especially do not be rude to your fellow chatters. 4 - When requesting maps, do not request overly long maps (over an hour in average game time), impossible maps or maps containing NSFW stuff, racism, homophobia, etc. 5 - Enjoy yourself :) ---Map Requests--- 1. No terribly long maps (45 minute average completion time maximum) 2. No ZDoom/GZDoom exclusive maps. My computer is not good. 3. No horribly offensive content (Racism, Homophobia etc.) ---WAD Requests--- 1. No horribly offensive content 2. No purposefully unfun WADs. (WADs that go out of their way to be completely devoid of fun) 3. No unfinished WADs 4. No really, really long WADs.