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Speedruns, Chess, MtG, Music Production, Smash?


I like to play my favourite games as fast as possible! Stick around for some tunes, chat, & hopefully world records : ) Check my Youtube for guides and record runs (see Links! vvv ), eg: [Sonic 1 speedrun guide]( offline image lineart: colour: S1 spritesheet use for emotes credit: Techokami, Hivebrain,SEGA.

Help me go to Speedrun Marathons &/or buy a computer from this decade:

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~ m o n e y b u t t o n ~ i even added donation pop ups - YOUR message will come up on stream wOWoWww ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


+ [Twitter]( There should be a tweet for when I go live! + [Youtube]( + [Soundcloud]( + [Website]( + [Bandcamp](