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Pinball player for 14 years, since the Pinball Hall of Fame Wii days. Landed in A Division at Pinburgh 2019, and still learning. I also enjoy other games, speedrunning, and relaxing. Welcome on in!

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Welcome to my channel! I'm Pinballwiz, and I started streaming here on Twitch since November 2013, the time Pinball Arcade hit Steam. I've kept this username for a long time -- notably after an epic game of Pro Pinball: The Web, with a score of 45.8 billion points, shown above. I specialize in pinball and arcade-style games, with some oddballs thrown in. I also speedrun these games. You can check out a list of games that I've played on stream [here.]( Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy the stream!
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Currently, I have a full-time job, so streams nowadays will end up being a bit more sparse.
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1. Keep a positive experience for everyone. Use common sense; that's all I ask for. 2. Have fun, relax, and enjoy the broadcast!
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* [Youtube]( * [Discord Server](
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Tournaments / Events

ReplayFX 2015-2018 Deadpool Pinball FX2 Tournament: 2nd Portal Pinball FX2 Tournament: 1st Back to the Future FX3 Tournament: 1st Jurassic Park FX3 Tournament: 1st Star Wars FX3 Tournament: 1st AGDQ 2019: Pac-Man CE2 Runner Pinburgh 2019: A Division, T74

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