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Hey there my name is PineappleRetro and I'm a 28 year old video game collector living in Vegas. I play games both Modern and Retro, stop by and chill out for awhile. Good vibes and conversations


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Donations are never expected , but all funds go back into making the channel better.
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My Video Game Collection: Total Physical Titles - 1,621 Total Consoles and Handhelds - 35

About Me

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Hi there and thank you for stopping by my page. My name is PineappleRetro , I am a retro video game enthusiast and collector. I play a mix of Retro and Modern games on my channel. Though I am always up for recommendations for future games to play on Stream. I'm not the **best** gamer on twitch , but if you enjoy good vibes and conversations then you came to the right place.


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The current schedule for the channel : Due to work and other IRL things, no set schedule can be made at the moment. All future streams will be announced on Twitter and the Tropical Roost Discord. Thank you for your support and Patience

PC Specs

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EVGA 450 BR 80 plus Power Supply Cool Master Hyper 212 EVO Graphics Card 1080 300MBP Wireless N PCI Express Adapter Core i5 24000 CPU 3.10 GHZ 120 SSD HP 750 Gb Seagate 16 GB of Ram