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Last live last year

(guys its me mingo) dokuy is cool, UNDER CONSTRUCTION

##About I am pinkfiremage, for short you may address me as mingo!
##When did you start streaming? >June 27 2019 ##Are links allowed? >Link shares are enabled for just chatting streams only, let us know what you want to share beforehand first! ##Can I join your game?/help ingame? >Due to some trolls mingo is not ok with strangers jumping in to help, only friends ##Why am I not a vip/mod? >Please don't feel offended if you're not given these roles. They're are not P2W/who followed the longest/who's most active, please don't guilt me into giving you one as I treat everyone equal! ##Why don't you show your face?/yOuR A GiRl yOu wOuLd gEt sO MaNy mOrE ViEwS/can you send me a picture of you? >This is what I look [like](
##Website A wip, a website for everything I do
##Things to note >1). Don't be a douchebag. Acting entitled/annoying/or behaving offensive makes mingo angry >2). English only, no random language lessons (unless you're correcting mingo) >3). Backseat = ban, that includes no metagaming & spoilers too >4). Don't mention THIS channel's view count or follower count and make comparisons with other streamers/yourself!!! >5). This isn't an advice channel art/career/life/etc. I'm not here to give enlightenment or professional advice >6). Respect everyone's privacy, don't ask overly personal questions on chat and stay safe! >7). No heavy venting, I don't want this channel to be an uncomfortable or awkward place to hang out. We all have bad days please keep it stress free & optimistic >8). No excessive self promos or excessive solicitations (selling your services) >9). **PLEASE DON'T** donate if you can't financially afford to, self care is important >10). No starting drama on stream, if there's something problematic DM our mods or DM mingo's twitter >People may not read the rules, just ignore them they'll likely get banned anyways ##Other - Mingo doesn't draw requests for free/exposure/clout - Sorry game devs, mingo is not interested in joining your collaborative projects/game jams/game bundles
##Tips Feeling generous? You're welcome to tip here, just note refunds aren't allowed once you do. Make sure you read rule #9