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pinpingho streams Legends of Runeterra.


Welcome to Pinpingho's channel! I currently stream non-hearthstone game mainly. Both English and Chinese are welcome here. Enjoy your stay. 歡迎來到Pinpingho的實況台!目前主要實況糞GAME。聊天室中使用中英文皆可。祝您愉快

Who is Pinpingho/ Pinpingho 是誰?

Pinpingho is a NEET( Not in Employment, Education or Training) LOR player. Top 8 at Hearthstone World Championship 2015. Winner of first SEA LOR seasonal tournament. Pinpingho 是一位尼特族符文大地選手。廢人型實況主。 Blizzcon 2015 爐石8強 初代符文季賽SEA冠軍


Q: 為什麼我被BAN了? A: 因為我想BAN Q:可以解BAN嗎? A:通常都可以,請密我或MOD,但是解BAN了不代表不會再被BAN Q:你可以換別的牌組玩嗎? A:不可以,你已為我輸是因為牌組的問題嗎? Q:你可以不要配音嗎? A:不行,玩遊戲不配音人生還有甚麼意義。

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Pinpingho並不建議你Donate給他。因為你斗內了完全不會有任何好處、你做的斗內也不會在實況中顯示出來、台主更不會對你表示感謝,甚至還會抱怨斗內金額太少被吃太多手續費。簡單的說有百害而無一利,但是如果你還是堅持要斗的話,Pinpingho也是阻止不了你的。 It is not recommended to donate to Pinpingho, as there is nothing to gain from doing so. The donation will not be shown on stream. Pinpingho will not thank you for the donation. What's worse is that Pinpingho might even complain if the amount is too small. However, if you still insist to throw away your hard-earned money, be my guest.