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Attention passengers, my name is Jack! I'm a pirate by trade, I stream 3 days a week, and I aspire to be a positive force in the world. Feel free to continue checking out the shows, and supporting the streams!


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1. No Racism, Ableism, Sexism, or anything offensive aboard me ship 2. Be kind to others and respect each other's boundaries 3. Don't be a bellend

Yer Captain

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The name is Jack, I'm a pirate, an amateur voice actor, and a failed youtuber. I aspire to be a positive force in the world by making ya laugh or smile! If I can do that, then my day is not wasted!

Social Media

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Twitter: YouTube: PirateCpnJack TikTok: PirateCpnJack

My Rig

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Case : MILLENNIUM Chassis Side Panels : Tempered Glass-Aluminum Exterior Color : ORIGIN PC Black Interior Color : ORIGIN PC Black Interior Lighting : ORIGIN PC Black Current Special Offer : Free Shipping on All Desktops PLUS $50 Rewards Card with AMD Ryzen* Variable Mounting : Standard Orientation Processors : AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core 3.8GHz (4.4GHz Max Boost) Motherboard : Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite Memory : 32GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE 3000MHz (2x16GB) System Cooling : ORIGIN RGB FROSTBYTE 120 Sealed Liquid Cooling System System Fans : ORIGIN PC Maximum Fan Kit Graphics Cards : NVIDIA 6GB GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Operating System : MS Windows 10 Home "Free Upgrade to Windows 11¹(when available, see Learn More)“ Hard Drive Cage : 5 Bay Hard-Drive Cage Operating System Drive : 960GB Force MP510 NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD RAID : No RAID Power Supply : CORSAIR RM850x SERIES PLUS GOLD PSU Power Supply Sleeved Cable : No Sleeved Cable Audio : Integrated High-Definition Audio Networking : Onboard Network Port

Schedule (Attempted)

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Monday: 6pm EST to 8:30-9pm EST Tuesday: 6pm EST to 8:30-9pm EST Wednesday: 6pm EST to 8:30-9pm EST Thursday: Off normally, but will do surprise shows around 6pm to 11PM -Midnight Friday: Off Saturday: Off Sunday: Off


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Donations are always appreciated, never expected!