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hi i’m G :) i make pizza

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What's ur name? ♡ My name is Giuliana, but u can just call me G :) What ethnicity are u? ♡ 100% Italian How tall are u? ♡ 5’4” (162 cm) How old are you? ♡ 25 yrs old Where do u live? ♡ Rochester NY What do u stream? ♡ Pizza making, Animal Crossing, Sims 4, Pokémon, & various Nintendo games - or whatever else I feel like :) When did u start streaming? ♡ March 2020. Why pizza related content? ♡ My family owns a pizzeria chain called Cam’s Pizzeria in upstate NY. I am the district manager for all 6 Rochester locations. I’ve been making pizza ever since I was a little girl! Do you have a P.O. Box so that I can send something to u? ♡ Yep! Here's the address: Giuliana Calascibetta P.O. Box 369 Rochester NY, 14580 What email can I contact u on for business inquiries? ♡
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Monday: Random Tuesday: Random Wednesday: Random Thursday: 11AM-8PM EST Friday: 11AM-8PM EST Saturday: Random Sunday: Family day 🇮🇹 ♡ Sometimes I randomly feel like streaming throughout the week, so make sure notifications are on so u never miss a stream!
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KEEP IT RATED G! BE A NICE PERSON! I want this to be a clean & safe community for all. ♡ No spamming/trolling. ♡ Don't talk badly about other streamers. ♡ No advertising or self-promoting. ♡ Only subs are allowed to post links. ♡ English only please! I unfortunately can't read any other languages so it makes it difficult to mod. Ty for understanding ♥ ♡ Be respectful and courteous to me, my mods, and everyone else in chat.
Panel Content ♡ I appreciate all donations from the bottom of my heart! All donations go towards supporting me and my stream and allow me to stream as much as I do! THANK U! ♥ disclaimer: by donating to my paypal u are claiming that the money being donated is ur own money & u are willingly & voluntarily donating this money. U acknowledge that u are receiving no items in return for this donation, & that the money donated is non-refundable.
Panel Content ♡ G Universal is a company I started in October 2019. ♡ If u want to learn more about what it's all about, click the banner!
Panel Content As a subscriber on my channel, u will get access to perks such as: ♡ Subs get priority when I need people to play with! ♡ Twitch pms from subs get first priority! ♡ Can post links in chat ♡ If I decide I need more mods, subs will be first pick. ♡ Not affected by slow mode ♡ Access to my sub-only emotes ♡ Directly supports me ♥ 

Panel Content ♡ I post videos every now and then to my YouTube channel! ♡ I create a variety of videos on my channel such as: ♡ vlogs (are they vlogs? idk) these are my fav vids to make ♡ 🇮🇹 series in partnership with Hardcore Italians where I discuss things Italian-Americans do that make the culture what it is. ♡ cooking/baking videos ♡ funny skit videos with my male character Gio (I dress as a boy for these lol) ♡ many more :) ♡ Check it out by clicking on the banner!
Panel Content ♡ I post to my Insta stories daily!
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Panel Content ♡ U can buy Cam's Pizzeria merch by clicking on the banner! ♡ I plan on making my own personal merch someday...💭 stay tuned :)