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hi i’m G :) i make pizza

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### *KEEP IT RATED G! BE A NICE PERSON! I want this to be a clean & safe community for all.* ♡ No spamming/trolling. ♡ Don't talk badly about other streamers. ♡ No advertising or self-promoting. ♡ Only subs are allowed to post links. ♡ English only please! I unfortunately can't read any other languages so it makes it difficult to mod. Ty for understanding ♥ ♡ Be respectful and courteous to me, my mods, and everyone else in chat.
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**What's ur name?** ♡ My name is Giuliana, but u can just call me G :) **What ethnicity are u?** ♡ 100% Italian **What do u stream?** ♡ Pizza making, painting, Animal Crossing, Sims 4, Pokémon, & various Nintendo games - or whatever else I feel like :) **When did u start streaming?** ♡ March 2020 **Why pizza-related content?** ♡ My family owns a pizzeria chain called Cam’s Pizzeria in Upstate NY. I am the district manager for all 4 Rochester locations. I’ve been making pizza ever since I was a little girl! Pizza is also a great way to be creative and connect with others. **Can I send something to u?** ♡ Giuliana Calascibetta P.O. Box 369 Webster NY, 14580 **What email can I contact u on for business inquiries?** ♡ Visit [**my website**](, fill out my contact form, and my team will get back to u!
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### I appreciate all donations from the bottom of my heart! All donations go towards supporting me and my stream and allow me to stream as much as I do! THANK U! ♥ [**Donate Here**]( *Disclaimer: By donating to my PayPal, you are asserting that the money being donated is your own, and you are willingly and voluntarily donating this money. You acknowledge that you are not receiving any items in return for this donation, and the donated money is non-refundable.*