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Hi and welcome to my channel! Here you'll be seeing me raid with my statics and raiding despite being colourblind

Welcome to my channel!

Hello, bonjour, hola, and whatever language is native to you! I'm PKMNFAN4evr(Pokémon fan forever) a new streamer in the works for creative with a occasional game or two.

Gaming Related Rules

1) Do not tell me what games to stream while I'm playing one already. 2) As much as I like messages and friend requests; I'll not accept any while on stream or from one game session only, don't make it worse by spamming messages or requests. 3) Back seating gaming=high chance of time outs. Unless I ask for some help; don't be that guy that'll point out everything. 4) Spoilers is a no-no. It ruins it for everyone and it will make you(whoever spoils it) a target practice on the ban hammer. 5) No political talks. At all. In short; don't be a loud mouth brat.