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Variety streamer, biologist and a mess at puzzle games šŸ§©

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šŸ‘‹ Hi nice to meet you, I'm Pedro but you can also call me Mel I'm from Puerto Rico, I'm 29 and I am a gamer, content creator and all around open person. I love talking about anime, movies, series, games, life experiences so I rarely stay quiet. I'm also a HUGE food lover so I love talking about food as well. āœ‰ļø Business email
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šŸ’¾ Do not argue with the mods. šŸ’¾ Please avoid topics such as religion, politics, scandals, etc. šŸ’¾ Don't be racist, homophobic, trans-phobic, don't hate or be disrespectful in any other way because it will result in a ban. šŸ’¾ Please don't heavily self promote, if I don't know you it comes of as rude. šŸ’¾ Please keep the chat in English. šŸ’¾ Ask for permission to post links. šŸ’¾ Please keep spamming to a minimum. šŸ’¾ No asking for free things, including gifted subs. šŸ’¾ No jokes or memes regarding sensitive or personal topics.
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Donations are never expected or required and please don't feel pressured in any way to give. Your time is valuable and it means the world to me that you choose to be here spending time together, thank you šŸ’– Donations done will be used for the betterment of the stream, purchasing games or equipment that is needed.


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Hope is the amazing artist behind my emotes, my sub badges, my Twitch banner and even my YouTube banner. I'm lucky and blessed to work with such a passionate artist who goes beyond my expectations and delivers amazing results šŸ’–