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Video game collector and variety streamer. I like to educate viewers of what its like to monitor, manage, and maintain a large collection of physical video games. I also cover what its like to be a new (ish) video game collector (collecting since August 2017)


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Rules are simple: 1. Don't be a jerk 2. Don't post offensive things 3. No emotionally loaded non-gaming topics, like politics 4. Don't spam 5. Have fun!

About me

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What started out as an idea back in August, 2017 turned into what you see today. After raising my daughter (single full time dad) and getting her on the right path to succeed, I decided it was my turn to finally get the game room of my dreams. This is the result of that dream and it never stops! I will constantly be adding games to this library and this does not come without its challenges. In this channel I'd like to show you what its like to monitor, manage, and maintain a large collection of (currently) over 10,000 video games in one room. As an educator, my other passion is being able to tell people a story through doing. Feel free to ask questions about my journey so far, ask to see a game you've been interested in, or just ask questions about how I go about managing this beast! This venture isn't without game play though! What would a Twitch channel be without playing games? What would collecting be without utilizing the collection? I will be streaming any game that captures my attention so stop by and chat with me while I play games very badly! :D

YouTube Channel

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More in-depth videos about my collection will be stored here. Be sure to subscribe to keep up to date!


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Thank you so much for considering to support my stream and this idea! Click the "Donations" graphic to be taken to my donations page! Any little bit helps and 100% of all donations go back into the games room!


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Facebook Page

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Like my Facebook page to follow when I go live to sell off some duplicates I've acquired!

Humble Partner

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I've partnered with Humble Bundle to give you guys access to games on Steam at really great prices. Click the logo to find your favorite game. Most games come with a steam key. This is not just another launcher you have to manage.


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