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Just an average Gamer. Hoping to steam to amazing people and get some laughs. I will try to stream at the scheduled time, but I find it hard sometimes to get to stream.

What do you play on?

Though I used to stream on PS4, I've very well went and got to PC Streaming. Here's the specs for you nerds. PC Specs CPU - Intel i9-9900k GPU - RTX 2080 Super Ram - 32GB HyperX


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They're not asked for or needed for me to keep streaming. Don't plan on making money streaming.

Welcome I think..?

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What's up, so happy to see you here in my stream. Please don't go, I really like having visitors. If you're curious on me, well I'm Lynn. 24 years old, and have been playing games since I was a small child. I don't really have a list of games I would play 24/7 if you're wondering, and I will take game suggestions. I'm not the most vocally active person, so if I don't talk a lot I'm sorry. I do answer most questions I'm asked, but if it's a solo game please don't expect super talkative streams.