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Blastin caps and zappin tats

My Set Up

## Apps [Tattoo Stencil App for iOS]( [Tattoo Stencil App for Android]( [Tattoo Palette App for iOS]( ## Stencil Products [Inkjet Stencil Liquid]( [Inkjet Stencil Paper]( [Stencil Stuff]( ## Essentials [Tomahawk Cartridges]( [World Famous Tattoo Ink]( [ATOM Power Supply]( [Black Nitrile Gloves]( [Biodegradable Machine Bags]( [Green Soap]( [Black Cohesive Wrap]( [Clip Cord Cover]( [Wash Bottle Bag]( [CaviWipes]( [Hive Caps]( ## Aftercare [SecondSkin Vegan Tattoo Cream]( [SecondSkin Bandage](

Chat Rules

-Keep it friendly -No discrimination or hate -Questions are welcome, however please do not ask about pricing or scheduling - visit my website for an online consultation. -Do not promote other channels. If you would like to be featured on my page, use the Feature box in my bio.


To request an appointment, fill out the online consultation on my site: [](