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32 year old casual gamer, im a veraity streamer and will be streming anything from MMO to single playergames

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hey there you handsome looking mothertrucker! i'm William but i go by PoPo here on twitch, i'm a 32 year old veriaty streamer, im streaming all types games and i am more then happy to play with my viewers when possible .
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Everybody is welcome here to view chat and be part of our community, there are a few rules i would ask you to adhere to that will ensure everyone has a good time. 1. Have fun and be good to one another 2. No racism or sexism 3. No hate messages 4. No politics 5. No religion 6. Zero tolerance for toxic behaviour. whether you are a Sub, follower or just passing by the mods and I reserve the right to ban or timeout any user that is harassing or making uncomfortable any community member.
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No need to Donate , but any donations is appreciated and will go towards making my stream better