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I'm Mavokie and welcome to Power Level. A new collaborative effort my friends and I decided to finally put the effort into the idea that it deserved. I'll do my best to keep a schedule, host a weekly podcast, IRL Streams, D&D nights, and more! Join us on the ride!

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► Be pleasant, have fun, and share experiences. ► Don't spam, keep it PG-13, and no NSFW stuff. ► All caps, excessive @ mentions, or messages only a few characters long can be considered impolite. ► Mods are mods for a reason, listen to them.

More about Power Level

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I'm Mavokie and welcome to Power Level, a variety channel that focuses on D&D, Bethesda, and Paradox titles. Lately, older games have been featured as well. The variety reaches all ends of the gaming spectrum! History is a big passion of mine as well.

Stream Schedule

Saturday 10:30 pm - 12:30 am Sunday 9 pm - 12 am Monday 7 pm - 11 pm Tuesday 7 pm - 11 pm PST Schedule subject to change, but will always be followed to the best of our abilities!

Power Level Discord Channel

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Come join the growing Power Level community! We love to hear directly from all of you!

Power Level Channel

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About twice a week we'll try to produce heavily edited and highlighted clips so you always have something to watch!

Power Level Facebook Page

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Too keep up to date with any projects of ours follow our social medias! You don't want to miss an exciting D&D Adventure, or live PowerLevelCast recording!

Baby Lily Donation Goal

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I am so excited to be a new father, and I cant wait to share my little one with you all either! But babies require a lot of preparation, we moved, and set up has been tiring and expensive. As June 1st gets closer more and more things pop up as something we still need!

Paypal Donations

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If you wish to support our growing channel donate here! ( This is also for the baby <3 )

Power Level Twitter

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Follow our Twitter @PowerLevelCast to be kept up to speed with our developing channel!