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Is that a button?! Loot before Life. Grind is life!

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# Care to [Donate]( Proceeds go to the following (not in any specific order): + Games + Hardware + Giveaways + Other things to improve the stream Follow me on [Twitter]( for updates Join the Thumbprint Mafia on [Discord]( Go check out replays on [Youtube]( # You should also be watching: [FnDanteSavage]( [FredCasden](

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# Item Redemption Type !redeem [item] in the chat **items:** *wwow, aha, gameoverhudson, nothappening, better, assbutt, entertained, hailking, groovy, godno, playgame, nors, puppetlaugh, whatisthat, outstanding, egondanger, gnightladies, deansob, celebrate, warface, hubba, gunscheer, fireworks, applause1, applause2, golfclap, odensraven, skinnypete, nvrslpagn, pwrgskull1, pwrgskull2, crpytunl, trubye, ghostfailed, eeriepiano1, eeriepiano2, eeriepiano3, eeriepiano4* You can preview them here: # Commands *!8ball Ask the magic 8-ball a question !accept Accept a duel request !cancelduel Cancel a duel request !commands Provides a link to all commands !deny Deny a duel request !duel Duel another chatter for points !points or printz Display how many Thumb Printz you have !roulette gamble your life away !slots Play the emote slot machine !tip Give me money !title what is the title of this stream !uptime How long has the stream been running !watchtime how long have you been watching*

Dwarven Scavenger

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My eBay store with an assortment of new and used goods, just like a vendor in game. Come check it out!!!