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Last live last year

Just a guy from the Netherlands Playing you some drum and bass!


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# Global Allright, I'm a beginning DJ from the Netherlands. I'm 26 Years old and live in Eindhoven. I'm not that good as I'm still learning and all. Been doing this for about 6 years Requests are allowed, I can see if I have it :) #More About Me I have been into producing for a while anyone who wants to check it out, feel free to. [My Soundcloud]( Give me some feedback if ya like! # Considering this as my no 1 track 1.[Ramba - Octoban (Pown Remix)]( # Study I studied for Light Engineer for festivals and small places where they have bands and other artists, I'm getting quite good at it and like to keep getting better at it! # [DO YOU LIKE DOLPHINS?](

Creative Minds worth to take a Look at!

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# Tmocs If you dig DnB in all its forms spun the artisan way dripping with style and class you will love & The Drum n Bass Channel community. Also this guy has helped me out so much in learning how to spin, I look up to him and hope he will continue to teach me things. He keeps supporting through mistakes which takes patience and skill. Long story short: Follow this motherfucking badass DnB DJ! [Tmocs]( [Soundcloud]( # Low5 Born in Roermond started out as a drummer in his basement. After a few years he got in touch with the ‘Bass-genre’ as we know it. On a certain day in 2013 he made a decision, he is going to produce the songs that he likes so much. With his background as a drummer he’s got flow, and isn’t afraid to show it. Low5 stands for good music, music that comes from within, music not only for dancing, but music that touches your hearts. After a year he got remixed by Maduk. Keep your eyes peeled, cause there’s a lot more to come from Low5. [Low5]( [Soundcloud]( # AbstractAmcr A channel that you would all enjoy since it's a world where sound, movement, light and color coalesce into tangible experiences. Great guy very supportive and always fun to hang with in his stream. Check him out! [AbstractAmcr]( # Vinielsdnb Another excellent dutch dnb dj spun the artisan way as well. Quality all the way, you should check him out. [VinielsDnB]( # Speedy_Music So you say you like liquid DnB? Well be sure to check Speedy out. Produces some fantastic tracks on stream. Always great to listen to. Oh and if Smite's your game? well he your man!. [Speedy_Sound]( # Mystery You like some mysterious dnb?? check out mystery2k! DJ streamer from Austria (no NOT Australia) and currently mostly plays Drum and Bass. Does it for fun in his freetime currently, but always wants to improve his skills. [Mister Y2K]( # YaguraDNB Great Vinyl spinner, his name says it all. Drum 'N Bass <3 [Mister Yagura](

Chat Commands

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# Powncmds !redeem goat/himself/banana/doggo/catchy/blown/bong/Welcome/omg/cat/party/musketeer/swing/nod/zach/boom/headshot/math !goat <the allmighty goat command> # GAMES !8ball <question> !slots !roulette <points> !deny <Deny a duel request> !duel <Duel another chatter> !accept <Accept a duel> !cancelduel <Cancel a duel> !deny <Deny a duel request> !duel <Duel another chatter> !roulette <gamble your life away> !slots <Play the emote slot machine> # POINTS RELATED !givepoints <give some of your precious earned points to someone> !leaderboard <what is this?> !points <how much points do I have?> !top points </alltime/online/offline> # OTHER THINGY's !followage <username> <for how long has {username} been following Pownmonkey?> !uptime <how long has this dude been spinning?> !accountage <username> <how old is his account? :O) !ping <uptime from streamelements> !chatstats <what's happening in the chat?>

What I use

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# Short I'm using A traktor kontrol S4 mostly 2 decks to spin some DnB for anyone who likes it! # Controller The Famous Traktor Kontrol S4 #Computer Intel I5-9600k CPU @3.7 GHz base speed 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB VRAM #Audio 2X Adam T7V 1X Scarlett 2i2 Gen 3. Monitor Pads Traktor Kontrol S4 master out Going to input on 2i2 # Screens MSI Optix 27C # Others Headphones: Sennheiser HD 4.30 Keyboard: Corsair K70 Discrete Mouse: Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Mousepad: Corsair MM700 # Webcam's DSLR Sony A6000 into Razer Ripsaw

Still Learning

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# Teach Me, Masters... Since I am still learning how to spin propper. I like your tips and tops, feedback is always good. If something is not allright, if you would do something differently, tell me how. But with respect, don't bring me down :D.


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If you ever want to donate, feel free to do so! If you think I deserve it, Thanks so much in advance! Just click the banana in the pic above!