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Streamer mostly on Arma 3 life at Anzus Gaming ( ) open to more games to try give me some suggestions on what you feel i should play or try and come join me always up to making some new friends. :)


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Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i9-9900k RAM 64.0GB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) Graphics 2 x RTX 2080 TI Storage 10 Terabyte Hitachi HGST H Camera UBeesize Ringlight With a Logitech Brio Pro

About Me

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Active gamer looking to hopefully bring some joy to y'all out there. I'm a joker and always enjoy a good joke so feel free to send me some i can use or just get a good laugh over. (preferably darker ones to my private inbox as not to offend others) i frequently play on Arma 3 life servers mostly the Anzus Gaming Community. if you haven't checked them out yet id advise you to definitely a wonderful bunch of people and arguably my favorite life server. Twitch streamer (although id hope you'd figure that out by now) and many more things that if you take the time to get to know me i'm sure you'll figure out. Hope to see y'all out there. (if your interested in joining the server head on over to [AnzusGaming](


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still being figured out but mostly monday through thursday after 8pmest

Chat Rules

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1. Please respect me, my moderators and all other viewers watching the stream. We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE for assholes, do not come in here and harass my community! Have some manners, or be kicked out. 2. No advertising. Please do not advertise other streamers or yourself in my stream, that is really disrespectful to the broadcaster. 3. For any particular reason, please stop when asked to do so. Streamers have pretty thick skin, and can handle a lot from twitch chat. But there is a time and place for everything. There’s a time for joking, and there’s a time to be serious. So if someone asks you to stop doing something, because it makes them feel uncomfortable. You should probably STOP. Otherwise, don’t get mad if you get banned. 4. Don’t spam. I don’t mind emotes spam for what ever HYPE Spam may be going on during the stream, but if you have a question for me, please don’t spam the chat by copying and pasting the same thing over and over again. Also, I don’t want people to get accidentally get global banned from hype spam. 5. No bigotry/flaming/racism/sexism. Any blacklisted words will get your message purged, and if you continue to repeat those words, the bot will time you out. After the first few warnings, please do not blame me or my mods for banning you. Any disrespect will not be tolerated in the stream. Please do not come into the stream, and be an ass to others. 6. DO NOT BACKSEAT GAME!! There will be times where I’m learning a new a game per se, and it can get pretty annoying if there’s someone constantly telling you what to do. Tips and what-not are helpful, but please don’t constantly tell me what/when to do. Just don’t backseat game. 7. Please ask a mod to be permitted before posting a link. People who post links without permit will automatically get purged by the bot.

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DISCLAIMER: All donations are extremely welcome and appreciated but are not necessary. All donations are Non refundable