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Welcome to Prophecy RP - We are a community of like minded people that came together through role play on DayZ, we decided to set up Prophecy RP so that we could offer the same opportunity for others to become involved in this and offer you a progressive Hardcore Survival Roleplay server.

About Us

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ProphecyRP originally started in 2016 with a view to providing a server and community for like minded people to get together and enjoy themselves. The community it evolved into was a great one and we all made very good friendships which to this day still exist. Sadly in 2020 we had to close ProphecyRP Server down, the community never really stopped but it was always my intent to bring it back, it meant a lot to me and it meant a lot to others not just for the roleplay but also for the community. So 2022 here we are, we are back - ProphecyRP is a roleplay community, a gaming community and an online community. The roleplay here will be immersive, realistic and above all great quality. The community will grow again and become what it was, a source of help, advice, escape and enjoyment. This time we have the added experience of Red and Milkshake server owners in their own right who also ran servers that were popular Descent We are creating a server that we think will provide something different and challenging to encourage players to partake in deep immersive survival roleplay in an apocalyptic setting . Myself, Red and Milkshake are very similar in the ideas of how we want to achieve this and are working together to bring the best from all three worlds into one place. Our respective communities have merged together seamlessly. This shows that our combined way of thinking only offers a bright future not only for the server but also for the community.

ProphecyRP Discord

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Join our Discord here to find out about the server and to whitelist

ProphecyRP Youtube

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Visit here for content made by The Prophecy Team and members of the Prophecy Family.