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The official VR/Non-VR variety Twitch channel of the 75 ton, fusion-powered ProtoGen, ProtoBoi! Professional/Competitive gamer; Urban and Wildland Firefighter / EMT in Training

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To avoid trolls, detailed rules are enforced: Please do not call me a 'Toaster'. I find this to be a slur and offensive. The term 'Reeee' is ableist and is an insult made to make fun of autistic people who are under a sensory overload. Do not use it. Please do not shout me out in your channel if I raid you if I do not give you consent to. I find it bothersome. Any form of hate towards the LGBTQIA+, furries and so on will result in a permanent ban with no chance for appeal. No exceptions. Respect everyone regardless. No slurs of any kind regardless of group. No links (unless approved by myself + mods) No self-promotion of any kind. Do not ask for trades, 1v1s, free stuff. Do not ask to be a mod. Do not attempt blacklisted word walk-arounds. Streamer Harassment and Ban Evasion will not be tolerated. This is against Twitch Terms of Service and all encounters will be reported which may result in your primary account and all alternates to be permanently removed from the website, followed by a permanent IP ban.

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Hwewos! I ProtoBoi! I am your resident 8'6, 75 Ton ProtoGen. I am a full time content creator and firefighter for the state of Washington. I am 135 years old, and I am not a Human! (Yes, for real!) I am openly and proudly neurodivergent. I have aspects of myself that make me a little weird sometimes, but I hope this won't scare you away! I'm actually a huge mental health advocate. I'm a full time variety streamer with focuses in Rocket League and VRChat. - Full-time Content Creator on Twitch and TikTok˸ ProtoBoiVR - Official ProtoBoi account․

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