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Welcome to the Hupe Train!


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Welcome to the Hupe Train!. After years away I've rediscovered my passion for gaming and decided to share it with the rest of you n3rds. Games I Play: Mostly Minecraft, a lil bit o' this and that.


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I'm pretty liberal with my chat, there are a few basic rules however: Be respectful of others opinions. Differing opinions is fine, but should you approach someone in a toxic, disrespectful way you will be banned. When I play adventure games it's usually for the group experience. I'll gladly ask for help when I feel like it, but Backseating Is NOT Encouraged. Should incidents arrive where my mods have to step in I'll consult with them before proceeding further. Be forewarned I generally trust their judgement.


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Follow me on Twitter! Perfectsphere01


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If you enjoy hanging out in chat, Feel free to join my discord! Welcome to the Hupe Train.