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Well HELLO THERE!!! I'm a very chatty, active, fun and chill gamer, I do tend to play alot of story games! Not only do i stream games but i also build lego kits Which i'd love to stream too!

About Me

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Hey everyone :) Enjoy watching play games?? come say hey! I pride myself on being interactive, chatty and helpful and support for EVERYONE! I also Help at the cub scouts as a leader and devote time to them on a weekly basis! I also have an unhealthy obsession with FUNKO POPS, Transformers and most things geeky!

Community Discord

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There is a DISCORD for the community, Open to ALL followers. If you wish an invite to the Discord please ask in the chat and Myself or a Mod (Most likely myself) will hook you up! I will add a link to the !discord command and the Panel Image in time so bear with me :) cheers :)


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Any donations received will go towards everything i need to make my stream and channel better!! For Example a new Gaming PC/Laptop i need one of these ASAP as the one i have sucks and cant even play minecraft! and given time it will help me get all the equipment i needs to make it a better stream for everyone! *Disclaimer* When donating to the stream, you acknowledge that you are the rightful owner of the account/funds being Donated, and agree to not refund or chargeback the funds. Don't be using your Mummy and Daddy's (or Guardians) Credit or debit cards Tis wrong :)

Rules for Chat

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Guys I ain't gonna sit here and list off a bunch of the usual stuff like Don't be this Don't say that!! coz this stream will be about fun!! All I will say is Don't be a DICK think before you type and treat peeps with the same respect you would expect from anyone else!! Mods will Time out for the usual things like Racism, Harassment and all that stuff!! Also NO SPOILERS But MOST IMPORTANTLY have fun :)