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Your least favorite tomboy Vtuber B)

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✧ I am the bitch that tricked Eve into taking a bite from the forbidden apple lol ✧ ENG/SWE/VIET OK! ✧ 私は日本語を勉強している。 ✧ Literally fine with any pronouns, but people usually use she/her and they/them with me. _______________________________ Rules: 1. No hate speech or racism, basically don't be an ass 2. Don't bring politics/drama into chat 3. If you personally know me, then don't refer to me as my real name. 4. Idfk, follow the twitch rules LOL _______________________________ !so !discord !lurk
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Donations are not necessary, but very much appreciated ♡ The money will go to covers, improving the stream and other stuff in order to entertain you guys. Donate ONLY if you are financially stable. (Click on the image or use the link below!)
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Find me here! [Youtube]( [Twitter]( [Discord](
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Show these people some love. Room: [unfruitenhiver]( Panels: [Mojika]( Emotes: [Luma]( Emotes 2: [Reikan]( ママ: [Ruaeru]( パパ: [Giratora]( & [Kujamori]( Stream layout: [Yinghua]( BGM: [Neiri](
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