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Welcome to our channel, a BRAND NEW stream for our foster puppies from Rez Dog Rescue of Montana. We get new puppies often, so please follow along and join our rescue team to help save puppies from wherever you are in the world.

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We foster for Rez Dog Rescue of Montana, which is a non-profit organization that rescues hundreds of strays each year from the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Reservations. We rescue puppies that come from very poor conditions and foster them from our home. We take care of their health, and make sure they're as happy and comfortable as possible until they are adopted to their forever homes. Follow along to see the puppies' progress and help us foster from wherever you are in the world.
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[Instagram]( Recent puppy photos here!
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[Donate LIVE on stream]( 100% of donations go directly to Rez Dog Rescue of Montana. Your gift will help save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies.