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Variety streamer playing loads of games but mainly Destiny 2, Smite and Hunt Showdown. My 2 kids share the spotlight with me a lot so be prepared for interruptions, the word hi being repeated and the constant "can I have a popsicle" question said. We are always here for a good time so let's vibe out

About Me

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I'm a 28 year old variety streamer from NC. I love FPS games but play some MOBA games. Always looking for people to chat and play with so if you want to get in on the fun then hit me up.


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All of my gaming updates are posted on my Instagram. Be sure to follow me there to keep up with everything that's new.


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Never required but always appreciate any support given.


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My current schedule is Friday- Mondays @7PM EST. Might throw in some random streams here and there but follow my twitter for updates and make sure notifications are on for whenever I go live.