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i do the many ting

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#**KONNICHIWATSUP! (ļ¾‰ā—•ćƒ®ā—•)ļ¾‰:ļ½„ļ¾Ÿāœ§** My nameeeee is KC. Graduated Diplomas of Web and Graphic Design. Now, currently studying Web Development (HTML, CSS & Java) and UX Design I live in New Zealand and grew up from the Philippines playing video games and watching Anime. Games I play: - League of Legends (Mostly) - Osu - And other variety gamessss! (Storygames) **Started streaming: 17 January 2016 *(mainly streamed osu then took a hiatus)* Affiliated: 21 July 2020**
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drop a follow on deez šŸŒ¼ [Twitch]( šŸŒ¼ [Instagram]( šŸŒ¼ [Twitter](
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THANK YOU TO DEEZ PEOPLE THAT HELPED ME FOR TABLET 1. itsyaboifreshie - $36.64 2. ItsRetrac - $96.56 3. Steinway - $3.47


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You dooo dooo head! Download deezz and you'll see how cool you'll be in chat LOL Deez are emotes for twitch that you can see by installing the FFZ and BTTV and 7TV add-on extention for your PC browser. Click deez to download ā™” [BTTV]( ā™” [FFZ]( ā™” [7TV]( Deez will make chat livelier and cooler ;)