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Welcome to club Qaybaybay. A place, I hope, everyone feels welcome and loved. From Maryland, a mother and musician/singer. For me, this is more than just gaming but about WHO plays them! All about positivity and support. Whether you stay for a bitty or want to get litty, YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! 🌈

About me

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A goofy, sweet, supportive streamer that plays fps games or RPGs like Rogue Company, Apex, Fortnite, Ghost of Tsushima or Final Fantasy. I have a beautiful daughter, I love music and watching Anime. Just want to spread love and positive vibes one stream at a time.

Club open times

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I usually stream every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11:30 am to 2 pm est.


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Be respectful and kind to myself and everyone in my stream. No name calling, spamming or derogatory remarks. All are welcome to my stream Basically, be nice and you won't get banned lol

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