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やれやれ Pro Apex Legends player For Team Revere Us . Co-Founder of Moshimo Collective. Lit ass gamer, with nothing but positive vibes, and memories :D

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My Twitter is: My instagram is @QayoeDoe My Facebook is Kaia Antonacci if you want to chat at all! Youtube: Search Mortem Omni Collective or the url to the channel page is

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My name is Kaia "Qayoe" Antonacci. Q. Where am I from? A. Denver, Colorado Q. What is my race? A. Black, Native American Q. Languages? A Learning Japanese and Spanish but speak english fluently Q. How old am I? A. 25 Q. Relationship Status? A. I am in a polyamorous relationship with my lovely gf Flynn. soooo feel free to shoot your shot! <3 ;D I am the founder of the Mortem Omnibus Collective. Semi Pro for Team Revere Us I am mostly going to stream Apex Legends, but at other times I'll be playing games I feel like streaming. Hope you enjoy <3 If you have any more Questions or anything like that, feel free to ask as I am an open book!

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If you are feeling generous and want to help ya boi out, feel free to donate to the "DONATE" button above, proceeds will go to bettering the stream or getting something that you want to see :3 but make sure you sub first! subbing helps me get goody goody with big daddy twitch. 😏

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My stream Schedule Monday-Friday: 10am-sometime later in the day Saturday: Whenever I feel like it lmao Don't miss out on a stream, slap that notification button you wont regret it! To turn on notifications all you gotta do is click on the bell next to the follow button!