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Grand Day Beautiful Souls! What it do it's your girl Qcypha (Q-cypher) but pronouced with an A. I am a lover of first person games. I love Far Cry and Battlefield among others. Great vibes. Greater energy over here. Come chill and laugh with me. #conquereverything


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I'm Qcypha the Poet. I'm also known as Que or QC. I'm new to Twitch but not to gaming. I'm here to spread love like wildfires. I strongly believe in support, encouragement, empowering and uplifting others. I'm blessed. I've been placed in rooms I never believed my feet could touch. Never give up on your dreams. I'm Living proof. I am here to bring awareness for Lupus, RA and Osteoarthritis. I suffer from all three and if I can give hope to someone else it makes it worth it.


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1. Respect my space 2. Respect other's 3. Keep the hate, negativity and all bull that way. 4. This is a safe haven for the LGBTQIA+ community 5. Kick up your feet, laugh and have fun. 6. Be yourself. Come as you are.


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The times are general for now but usually beginning at 10:30 A.M. EST My Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

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Appreciate the follow and love in advance and always. Hit the Social Media Tab above for the link to my Twitter.


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