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I Love Streaming, I just want to help anyone out going through hard times and hopefully take their mind off anything that's happening in their life that is chaotic. I hope to impress you with my skills, and seek friendship with all my viewers to achieve happiness that will last lifetimes!

About Me

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My name is Michael, I'm From Southern Oregon, I'm 20 Yrs Old, And this is my dream. ------------------------------------------ My Dream Is to be a Esports Player. ------------------------------------------ I am currently giving all I got for the next 2-3 months to focus on grinding this game and streaming. I constantly have a dream that enables to be fully funded and focused on competiting and entertaining my community. ------------------------------------------ I have a 2 year old Daughter named Lilliana who is the love of my life and I would do anything for and risking money loss for my dream with her. ------------------------------------------ I believe the only way I will be truly happy is doing what I love for a living, I love to entertain and compete, I love talking and creating bonds with new people and sharing interests and laughs. MAN, I wish that could be my job, THIS IS MY SHOT! ------------------------------------------


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Tips Are 100% Appreciated and you are not only helping me achieve my dream, but supporting me in the most generous way possible! You don't really know how happy your support in any way means to me! :)


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If you would like to show me support in a different way on my social media, here is my twitter where I show all my accomplishments, announcements, and appreciations. Follow or not, thanks for taking your time to show some love!