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Hi I'm quqco (Q-ko)! I paint, cook, irl, and talk a lot. Weebs in ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

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My name is quqco! I paint, cook, travel, and talk about stuff :) > **Business email:** > [Discord]( > []( my complete stream gear > stream overlay: [R3do_]( > emotes: me, [chiikadayo](, [Temachii](, vitalDPM, [ArtByKitty]( > Starting screen art: [@celtisu]( > badges: [cafe au nat]( > Vtuber model: art [@teoteku_]( / rig [@otozuki_teru](
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[Donate here]( TTS: $3 or 300 bits Donations are non-refundable c: