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I make electronic music and play games with sad stories (mostly). Queer and East Coast Canadian.

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I make electronic pop music, details in the music panel! I am a queer mental health advocate and have no problem talking about it in public. I share about depression cuz so many people deal with it in silence and I just think that's so dangerous, we gotta talk about it and build a safe community <3 <3 I've been a gamer since I can remember and tend to gravitate toward games that will take you on some kind of journey (yes I've played Journey!). I always search for a game with a strong story and if it makes me tear up or feel something deeply that's kinda what I look for.
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Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the rest by tapping on the word "music" I make electronic music, which means this: -I sing and write for my solo pop project and partner with an electronic music producer -I did the same pre-covid in a duo called Bleum. We did a lot of live shows. Festivals, raves, and so on -I write and sing for DJ/producers -I make soundtracky piano-based music under a series called "Innermost." Balances out the high energy stuff for me. I try to create a magical world with this project.