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Radio guy. Craft beer and Bourbon lover from Petoskey Michigan. Video Gamer. I occasionally go live here.

Hey, I'm Fish

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Hey what's up I'm Fish, I'm a radio personality from Northern Michigan. Radio is my full time career and I love it, I like craft beer, and love to play video games. Simple man right? If you stick around, I bet you'll have a fun time! Thanks for checking out the channel. Stream times will vary. Follow me on [twitter]( for announcements for earlier broadcasts a few nights a week.


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follow me on twitter to interact with me more. I'll always post live notifications over there. [Twitter]( [Instagram]( [Facebook](


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Be respectful Be fun Don't be a dick


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Wanna help out?

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If you would like to help me further my hobby, feel free to [click here]( Tips, as always, are graciously welcomed, and never required.

Amazon Wishlist

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Hey here's a list of cool stuff I find on Amazon that I like, or that could help me improve my stream. [Amazon Wishlist](