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Ragowski streams Dark Souls III, Resident Evil 2 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Who he

I'm Ragowski. I play video games. I am very inconsistent but I do my best. Feel free to say hi if you want. I hope you have a great day

Chat Rules

Be respectful to each other in the chat. Absolutely no hate speech, racial slurs, etc. don't do it Pretty please ask permission before posting links No backseating


#General !up - displays time streaming !bl - link to my backlog on Google Sheets


Special thanks to TheTickOfTruth for permission to use his custom emotes. Dude's had my back just about since I started streaming he good people TickRage TickApproves TickWut TickCheese TickLVL


I don't take personal donations but if you want to throw your money at something please consider one of these charities, or find one you like C: #[New Britain Youth Museum](http://www.newbritainyouthmuseum.org/donate_now.aspx) #[Union of Concerned Scientists](http://www.ucsusa.org/) #[St. Jude Children's Research Hospital](https://www.stjude.org/?gclid=CNqx086W0swCFQ-oaQody-YH0g&sc_cid=kwp2&s_kwcid=AL!4519!3!92065167322!e!!g!!st%20jude&ef_id=VxP3RgAABYmr0MJe:20160511135650:s)

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