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Hey everyone my name is Johnnie aka Rainbow, (he/him) Twitch affiliate, flow artist, Nintendo and Pokémon fan I play Pokemon Go and part of team flowmies!! Welcome to the Rainbow Squad


Music on stream is provided by Pretzel Rocks

Fan art

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Made by @BrookieBearStreams

Streaming Since

April 23, 2019 First regular stream: November 9, 2019


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I'm part of the twitch stream team Flowmies, whose mission is to bring flow arts and awareness to twitch!! If you want to check us out we are at

What I Do On This Channel:

Pokemon TCG Online and Flow Arts, I love playing Pokemon, also I like making bracelets called kandi keeping it chill on here

Goals Achieved

50 Followers (December 7, 2019) 100 Followers (May 16, 2020) Became a member of Team Flowmies (May 17,2020) 150 Followers (October 17, 2020) Became Affiliate (November 15,2020) 200 Followers (February 13, 2021) 250 Followers (May 29, 2021) 300 Followers (October 26, 2021) 350 Followers (August 8, 2022) 400 Followers (February 21, 2023) 450 Followers (November 9, 2023)

Stream Time

Friday Flow Arts: 3pm-4pm Eastern March-October (weather permitting) Saturdays Pokemon TCG Online: 9pm-11pm Eastern Time