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The name's Rakim like the rapper. (Rah-kim). Variety streamer who mainly plays Dead by Daylight, Apex, Phasmophobia and Bioshock games. Come through and chill


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The name's Rakim (like the rapper). I mostly stream on weekends due to my job as a teacher, but I'll do the occasional weekday stream. I appreciate anyone and everyone that comes by the stream and shows their love and support. <3

Social Media

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Here are the social media platforms I use (Some more than others). Some I keep on private because of my job as a teacher. [Instagram]( [Facebook]( [Twitter]( [Youtube](


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This is kind of a joke as I mentioned before because I'm a teacher but I guess if you want to know what times you're most likely to see me online during the school year, here it goes (all times are EST) Friday: After 4pm Saturday: Literally any time, but I typically start around 10am Sunday: 9am-2pm Mon-Thu: If I stream these days, it'll be after 5pm During the SUMMER, my streams are complete random but will most likely start between 10am-12pm on any given day

Currently Streaming

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I play a variety of games, but the ones you are most likely to see me streaming are: Dead By Daylight Tales of Symphonia Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Overwatch Bioshock Series ARK Minecraft Dying Light


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Only a few: - No racism, homophobia, or bigotry of any kind. - Respect the mods. - No toxicity towards other streamers - Have fun <3


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Tips are never required but they are very much appreciated. All tips go to either making the stream better or supporting my classroom (because teachers never have enough money)

Wish List

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In addition to monetary donations, I also have some wish lists for those feeling particularly generous, First is my steam wish lists with a few games I'm looking forward to playing: [Steam Wish List]( Secondly, I have my Amazon wish lists. There's a personal list of things for me as well as a list of supplies for my classroom that will support me and the children I teach. [Amazon Wish List]( All gifts are extremely appreciated and I will love you forever!