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Just a guy doing something. Feel free to stop by!

Common questions!!

Q: How old are you? A: Old as hell, a fossil if you will. (18) Q: How tall are you? A: Tall Q: Can I (Insert thing you want to do here)? A: As long as its respectful and not really weird or makes me/anyone else uncomfortable. Q: Pronouns? A: He/him
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Hello! Im Ranboo Im just here to try to make someones day better with my stream but most of the time ill just say a joke and your day may get worse because of it. I have one rule and that is dont be an idiot in chat I have another rule and it is dont be an idiot anywhere else on the internet THE MAIN RULE IS JUST DONT BE A BAD PERSON I started streaming on 9/11/20!


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If you really think i deserve your money, just click on the picture! If you donate ill probably die! (Donations are non refundable, sorry for any inconveniences this causes!)
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