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ur fav east coast lurker

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> Hello my name is Ray / Devin! > I rarely stream these days but if I am and you get a chance to come by to hangout, thank you! > Main Emote Artist - @aztramare > Profile Header by @sophfa_ on Twitter.


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> Rules are straightforward, don't be stupid and you know what I mean by that.


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> NEVER feel obligated to help me out financially, make sure you are good first and foremost. > That being said, if you are living comfortably enough and want to throw a bit of money in my face it is greatly appreciated and will go towards improving the strim & my life <3 > Donations are all final and cannot be refunded!


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> Join our discord and meet a wonderful community where we get into all sorts of shenanigans and tomfoolery ;)


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> Follow me on twitter to see me retweet unfunny maymays! <3