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Rayne, 21, Variety Gamer and Trying to make an all inclusive, loving community xoxo Pink Stardust of the Stardusts!

BIRTHDAY Amazon Wishlist! <3

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This is my wishlist for my birthday!


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*1. No racism/sexism/discrimination. 2. No hating on others. 3. Be kind. 4. Do not excessively curse 5. If you have issues speak to a mod of myself via whispers. 6. Have fun and welcome in all newcomers.*


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*Here's my streaming schedule!* *GMT- Monday- 6pm Tuesday- 6pm Wednesday- 4pm Thursday- 4pm Friday- 4pm Saturday- 4pm Sunday- 4pm*

My Discord Server!

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*Feel free to join my public discord server! Its a wonderful community of non-toxic gamers.*


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*Here's my Twitter page! feel free to follow for more updates of when I go live!!!*


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*Highlights for my streams go up here! Please subscribe for more content!*

Top Donors!

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*BritishGamer27* *DarthClisto*


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*Thank You if you donated! But don't be pressured to donate please!*


Here's my Instagram page, so come say Hi and drop a follow xx


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I am a member of the Grow Together Twitch community. Grow Together (GT) is a community of streamers bonded together by having the same goals of having fun, building friendships and helping each other, so we may all Grow Together. Stay Connected – [Twitch]( | [Website]( | [Twitter]( | [Youtube]( | [Instagram]( | [Facebook]( | [Application](