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Hullo! I'm Pj, but most people call me Ray. I'm a Variety Streamer that goes live on Wednesday and Friday. ~Twitch Affiliate since 6/7/21 and part of The Baja Enthusiasts Stream Team~

Rules for chilling in this garage...

☆ 18+ only in chat, thx! ☆ No self-promotion or links ☆ Respect the Mods or get banned! ☆ Chaos is welcome, but don't be F'n rude! ☆ 18+ only in chat ☆ Keep personal details to a minimum! This is for your own safety! ☆ 18+ only ☆ ☆ You will only be warned once before you are banned! Plz be safe my bbyz~☆ ☆ Mods on this channel: ☆ NovocaineNightfall ☆ JJBaberams12 ☆ InnerPunkness ☆ Hawk_man8 ☆ The_FickleFicus ☆ JedTheTroll
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☆ Proud member of the Baja Enthusiasts Stream Team since 5/9/21 ☆
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☆10☆ - Who Am I? ☆50☆ - Where's my Boba?? ☆60☆ - Honk ☆69☆ - UwU ☆75☆ - Flat Mushroom Slap ☆80☆ - Mushroom Slap ☆100☆ - Witch ☆150☆ - Spooked (jumpscare) ☆200☆ - Cake ☆1000☆ - UwU for Boba ☆☆Please reach out to InnerPunkness in chat if you have a suggestion you would like to add☆☆

Donations & Media Share

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Click Sobek's empty head and use the SE tip page to add your video to media share. (Once submitted, no refunds will be provided. Submit responsibly.)
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All emote artwork on this channel was done by the AMAZING GumdropGhosty. If you like the emotes used in chat, please consider following and supporting this amazing artist!