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A really bad Ninja who plays story based/singleplayer or coop games during the week and loves a multiplayer Session ( Usually Rocket League and Halo 3) Will also occasionally do the odd challenge run or old school retro title.

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Sometimes things don't always go as planned. After an entire lifetime devoted to The Way Of The Ninja, Our hero came to an unfortunate realisation, He was fucking useless, Attempts were made, Self help books, watching NinjaTube tutorials and everything in between. Eventually he decided that we would not be able to run away from his true destiny any longer! Steering into the skid he now answers his true calling, The Really Shit Ninja, and if you hang around here and pay attention for long enough, Maybe we can make a ReallyShitNinja Out of you too!
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Click the picture above to be taken to my Twitter account. Follow it to further bloat out your twitter feed or Hit me up over there to get a hold me me while I'm offline.
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Always appreciated but never required, There are plenty ways you can support me without crossing my palm with silver! If you wish for your dono to go to a specific use ( Buy a specific game for example ) then please let me know. Otherwise itll just go into the " Ninja " fund All donos are non refundable

Complete games

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Hades, 2 runs 0 heat :D Human Fall Flat Little Nightmares ! Final Fantasy 7 Remake Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil 8 Gta Chaos Mod ( Just Kidding )

Music ?

The music we use at the start of stream and during breaks are by Hyper Potions who allow such use. Go check them out !